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How I Can Help

I offer a variety of services across both one on one and group sessions, from helping you kick start a weight-loss program to giving your whole company a new perspective on their health. Sessions can be held in the comfort of your own home or private space or conducted in the feed me healthy clinic in Hertfordshire.


Bespoke Nutrition

Nutritional therapy is the practice of nutritional science to restore balance to the body and promote health. NT is patient centered rather than symptom centered meaning we treat the root cause of the disease rather than the symptoms. It’s also important to address the environment in which we live and how this impacts on us and our genes and how we can improve this.

Nutritional therapy can help with most issues people face as its primary focus is to bring about balance by correcting nutritional status. Common issues we see in clinic include infertility, problems with weight, menopause, skin problems, constant illness, sleeping issues, stress, anxiety and mood issues amongst many others.

What you can expect from the sessions:

  • Initial consultation of 1hr 15 where I take a full case history and assess the living environment in terms of spare time available, lifestyle, cooking habits, shopping habits, space and relaxation. Following this you will receive a full plan, supplement and test recommendations (if applicable) and menu ideas to follow for the next 8-12 weeks.

  • Follow up consultation of 30-45 mins where we establish what has/hasn’t worked, go through any test results you may have had done and following this a new plan will be suggested.

  • 15 minute phonecall/skype session offered after the initial plan has been sent back, should there be any questions needing to be answered on the plan.

This package costs £150* 

Should further sessions be required this will be charged for at the “follow-up” price per session of £60. This will be made clear to you during the sessions after the initial case has been taken.


Specialist Packages

Weight Realignment

16 week programme - specialist tailored nutrition programmes to help you manage your weight and get you on the right track for you. After the 16 weeks you will be given a maintenance plans to continue forward.. 

Initial consultation, 3 Follow Up’s every 4 weeks and phone/email support.

This package costs £250

Should further sessions be required this will be charged for at the “follow-up” price per session of £60*

*please note that weight-loss is very much down to how much effort is put in by the client and each case is different in terms of how long this can take to achieve and each persons' individual goals. Please be aware this is not a one programme for all type - this will be tailored to your individual needs and goals. 

Conception and pregnancy

3 months prior to wanting to conceive to 1 year after baby is born

bespoke nutrition for mum-to- be and baby. Research has shown that what a mother consumes as much as 3 months before conception can affect the healthy development of the baby. So it is essential to ensure the correct nutrients are consumed when thinking about conception.

  • Initial consultation, 4 follow up sessions as required (once conceived, trimester 2+3, post labour/commencement of breast feeding, once baby is starting to wean) phone/email support

This package costs £500


Most women after carrying a baby for 9 months cannot wait to get “back into their jeans”. However, this is a really important time to ensure you are getting the right nutrition, especially if breast feeding. This package is designed to guide you through this time and leads into baby weaning.

  • Initial consultation, followed by 3 follow up sessions (usually approx. every 8-12 weeks) plus phone & email support

This package costs £300


Corporate Wellness

It has become ever more apparent how work load and stress have a huge impact on the body and its ability to cope with illness. More and more companies are introducing staff welfare schemes in order to tackle this and in a roundabout way create better productivity amongst staff. Not only does stress have a detrimental and ageing effect on the body, but this can so often have a knock on effect with mental health.

I have been working successfully with a number of companies in the music and media industries to implement a scheme that teaches their staff how to look after themselves in a busy and time-poor environment in which they work. This is achieved in a number of ways:

  • Presentation to the group as a whole or smaller groups
  • 1-on- 1 consultations where a full case history is taken and a personalized plan is produced – priced the same as a bespoke package.
  • 15-30 minute “question sessions” where staff get the opportunity to ask me questions on any burning issues they may have. 

Charged at a day rate of £350