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Recipes for Summer



This is mouth-wateringly good!!!!

Recipes for Spring

I don't know about you but the thought of going cold turkey on all those new years resolutions in the middle of winter seems to be a little bizarre. Winter is a time of hibernation and to nourish the body with hearty warming wholesome foods. It is most certainly NOT a time for deprivation and to make grand plans for change. The Spring however, comes with it a new mind set and a time that is a lot easier to set goals and to be a little lighter in what we eat. So i have chosen some of my favourite spring-time recipes for you below. 


Broccoli & Cheddar Frittata

Have as a breakfast or a light lunch



As a side or a main with a protein element

cod & carrot.png

Cod & Carrot Mash

Served with spring greens

Recipes for Winter

Winter is a time when it can be harder to eat healthy as we can find ourselves reaching for the carbs and heavy warming foods. So i have found a few "home comforts" and given them a healthy spin so we get the best of both worlds. There are some great winter veggies and fruits in season at this time of year and it's important to eat these seasonal favourites as they are densely nutrient packed. Also check out the blog page for other hints, tips and recipes. 


Beetroot Soup

A great winter veg soup

This soup is wonderfully warming and packed full of antioxidants from the bright red colour. Great for those nights you want a light but filling supper. 

Lentil Bolognese

The perfect winter warmer

This is a traditional hearty dish with a healthy vegan twist...

Recipes for Autumn

Its so important to eat seasonally. When fruits and vegetables are in season they taste their best and have their highest nutrient density at that time of year. Autumn sees pumpkin and squash make a big comeback and you can do so much with these vegetables such as stews, soups, roast and even use the seeds to dry out and eat as a snack. I've listed some recipes for this season below but be sure to check out the blog for more.

Squash & Tumeric Soup
a wonderful Winter warmer...

The perfect supper for those colder nights drawing in. Squash is the perfect carbohydrate with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well as blood sugar balancing effects.

Matcha & Coconut Protein Balls
packed with protein...

Packed full of protein from the nuts, and chia seeds these bites are great for a post work-out snack or simply for a snack on the go.

Add in different combinations and coat in coconut/cacao or even matcha for an extra health kick! They’re so easy to make and modify to your own taste!

Chick Pea Dahl
the perfect vegan dish...

This is one of the easiest dahl’s to make and is a great Friday Night dish when you want something seemingly naughty. The lentils and chickpeas are great hormone balancers and packed full of plant protein making this a perfect vegan dish.

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