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ENERGY...where's it gone???


I attended a seminar recently on Energy. When i speak to the majority of my clients “energy” is always a word that comes up time and time again - or rather a lack of it, even for me. So i thought this would be good to learn a bit more about to help not only me but also my clients. A lot of interesting material was covered in the day but one thing that it really came down to was blood sugar balancing - get this right and the energy will flow, get this right and lots of other issues such as stress, diabetes and metabolic syndrome will also work themselves out. So i have put together a few simple tips i use to balance clients blood sugar (as well as improving their general diet):

  • CINNAMON - a great blood sugar balancer, you can sprinkle this on sliced apples for a snack, add to breakfasts and even sip the teas when you feel like an energy dip is on the way.

  • Eating protein with every meal and snack - protein slows the release of sugar into the blood stream so eating a few rat nuts and seeds with fruits for example will leave you feeling satiated for longer.

  • Making sure you eat a meal or snack every 3-4 hours will keep the blood sugar level and you won’t get the crash that leads to the chocolate craving.

  • Drinking enough water regularly throughout the day. (2 ltrs/day)

So try those out and see if you notice a difference. For more bespoke, therapeutic plans do get in touch and we can get you back on track so you can live the life you want.

with health,


Mindful Eating


We're hearing the word "mindful" a lot at the moment it's the current buzz word for slowing down and pressing PAUSE. Many of us, including me find it difficult to slow down in todays hectic world where we must be doing something or we are wasting precious time. Trying to squeeze every last minute of the day out by filling it to the brim where we feel so wound up like a coil we eventually break. This is the current state of play in all aspects of life  for many people and one which i believe contributes to the poor diet of many. In my former career as an events manager my diet was diabolical. I would eat on the run from meeting to meeting, stuffing in a croissant and latte - sooooooo many lattes i would get palpitations if i didn't have a dispo cup in my hand (it was probably the lattes giving me the palpitations to be honest). Never allowing time to digest or even make the right choices. I was tired and "skinny fat" and my cholesterol was through the roof - which i scoffed at, being a slim tall 30 year old...i was unhealthy but because i ran around, had a busy job and worked out i believed i was the epitome of health. I was malnourished and i was ill - a lot. 

PAUSE - i like this word - this word makes me feel calm. If i could go back and tell my old self one piece of advise it would be this. In all areas of life. When we pause we can make better judgement, better decisions and in the long run that little bit of time we use to pause, will save us a whole lot of time making mistakes. This applies so well to the decisions we make about food. SO often hunger clouds our judgement, thats why they say never go shopping on an empty stomach - it couldn't be truer. So here are my 5 tips on being mindful around mealtimes:

  1. always carry some raw nuts - full of protein these are my go-to snack and will stave off that hunger allowing you to make a clear call on what to eat.
  2. WATER - sometimes that hunger can be thirst so make sure to have a (preferably glass) refillable water bottle with you.
  3. If you can't be trusted to make the right choice when you get to meal times - plan it out in advance. Whatever you make for dinner - make twice the amount and use it the next day or the day after for lunch. 
  4. When eating out - look straight at the healthier options, make your decision, then put the menu down - too often we make choices because of what we "fancy" not what we need.
  5. Eat SLOWLY - and enjoy what you are eating - be thankful for every mouthful and be assured in the knowledge that you're nourishing your body well.

Kelly x

Kids 100 Calorie Snacks - My Thoughts!


Ive been asked quite a few times about my thoughts on the new Change4Life campaign - 100 calorie snacks, two a day max. My thoughts are no different for kids than adults and i believe we shouldn't be counting calories, especially from such a young age when we are in our optimum growth phase. For example, the guidelines are recommending popcorn as a 100 cal snack - this is wrong for two reasons: popcorn has virtually no nutritional value and is more often than not covered in sugar or a sweetener to give it taste. Its looking to fill up the child by it's sheer size, rather than encouraging the child to have a more nutrient dense food which probably has more calories in it, but from fats, so it will keep the child full, so their blood sugar doesn't peak and crash (which it would do after the popcorn - then you'd have a nightmare child on your hands when you tell them "no" they're not allowed to have any more snacks - creating bad eating associations right there!!!) This is mis-educating our children on how and why they should be eating!

A child who is physically active through the day and is happy and healthy shouldn't be forced to "calorie count" because their bodies are self regulating and they usually only eat when they are hungry as they don't have the "negative" association with foods that adults do.  Instead they should be taught that we have everything in moderation and we are allowed to have treats in life. 80/20 rule stands as with everything or life would be boring!!!

Kelly x