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NEW MUM | how to eat healthily...easily

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NEW MUM | how to eat healthily...easily


As a new mum (i know, i've been here twice) food and healthy eating can be the last thing on your mind. However and especially if breastfeeding, it is really important to fuel your body with energy and nutrients to keep you running as best as you can. So i often get asked what should i eat and how can i do this with my 24/7 timetable of looking after and keeping alive this little being...

So - things to have in the fridge/cupboards:

  • almond milk (great with pancakes and porridge and in that all important coffee you may need)
  • broccoli (essential for hormone detoxification - eat every day as a side)
  • raw almonds/nuts (great for snacking)
  • dates (great snack with raw nuts - can make energy balls - see recipe)
  • avocado (healthful fat - smash on toast or add to salads)
  • wholemeal sourdough bread
  • eggs (great hard boiled as a snack, or scrambled/poached on toast or to make a frittata)
  • almond butter (great with pancakes or on toast - full of protein can also dollop in a smoothie)
  • bananas (loads of these - they're great for snacking)
  • berries (you can buy these frozen so they keep - antioxidant rich - great for breakfast or frozen as a snack)
  • spinach (salads or wilted with the salmon and full of iron - essential for new mums)
  • tomatoes (with the egg as a snack, on toast with the avon - endless uses)
  • falafel (easy with salad for lunch)
  • salmon (rich in omega 3 - bake with lemon for 25 mins in a foil boat)
  • sweet potatoes (can have baked or cut into wedges - 40 mins in the oven)
  • lemons (first drink with hot water and to slice over salmon and bake)
  • houmous (great for snacking with crudités)
  • cucumber (crudite or on salads)
  • celery (crudite)
  • apples (for breakfast or as a snack with raw nuts)
  • cinnamon (blood sugar balancing - sprinkle on sliced apple or porridge or both)
  • buckwheat flour (makes easy pancakes in 5 mins - see my recipe)
  • organic porridge oats (breakfast essential - can make the night before - see recipe)
  • Coconut/dairy free based yogurt (breakfast or snack)
  • seeds - for snacking, on salads or on soups)
  • butternut squash (great roasted with salads or made into an easy soup - see recipe)
  • tinned tuna (great cupboard staple to put on jacket sweet potato or as a toast topper with capers)
  • olive oil (healthful fat to drizzle over soups and salads and veggies)
  • lentils (easily make a bolognese or soup - many many uses and keep well in the cupboard)
  • garlic (add to soups and cooking - essential for health)
  • turmeric (anti-inflammatory - sprinkle on eggs, soups and make golden mylk)
  • coconut oil (cooking, add to smoothies and use topically on you and baby)
  • dark chocolate - ESSENTIAL for mental wellbeing haha :-)


  • nutribullet/blender
  • steamer
  • saucepans

I have many really easy recipes for the above ingredients that take very little preparation or time to cook/make. So its really important to give yourself the nutrition to function - remember...


you can't pour from an empty cup!!!!!