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ENERGY...where's it gone???

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ENERGY...where's it gone???


I attended a seminar recently on Energy. When i speak to the majority of my clients “energy” is always a word that comes up time and time again - or rather a lack of it, even for me. So i thought this would be good to learn a bit more about to help not only me but also my clients. A lot of interesting material was covered in the day but one thing that it really came down to was blood sugar balancing - get this right and the energy will flow, get this right and lots of other issues such as stress, diabetes and metabolic syndrome will also work themselves out. So i have put together a few simple tips i use to balance clients blood sugar (as well as improving their general diet):

  • CINNAMON - a great blood sugar balancer, you can sprinkle this on sliced apples for a snack, add to breakfasts and even sip the teas when you feel like an energy dip is on the way.

  • Eating protein with every meal and snack - protein slows the release of sugar into the blood stream so eating a few rat nuts and seeds with fruits for example will leave you feeling satiated for longer.

  • Making sure you eat a meal or snack every 3-4 hours will keep the blood sugar level and you won’t get the crash that leads to the chocolate craving.

  • Drinking enough water regularly throughout the day. (2 ltrs/day)

So try those out and see if you notice a difference. For more bespoke, therapeutic plans do get in touch and we can get you back on track so you can live the life you want.

with health,